Once Upon a Romance

Once Upon a Romance


This cute couple is searching for a hot new look. Could you give them some advice? Instructions: You have to click and drag in order to dress the couple up.


Game Title: Once Upon a Romance     Reviewer: Loleata P.


Gameplay: Unlike many dress up games, this one is unique in its own way. Like, come on, how many dress up games allow you to dress up not only the girl but also the guy! As you go about dressing up the girl, you get to choose between different hairstyles, dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, and accessories. Now for the guy, its not as wide of a choice like with the girl, but still loads of fun. Choices between hairstyles, shirts, pants, and shoes. This just makes you want to gush like a romantic since the couple, like in the opening, remain in the kissing position as you dress up them up.


Also if you didn't read the summary, you have to click and drag the items in order to dress up the couple!


Music/Art: The art is wonderful and cute. Just down to the point with the bright stuff! Very detailed with the multiple hairstyles and dresses. The music is a lovely rhythm that embraces the loving scene of the couple frozen in a kiss as you dress them. So romantic, right?


Rate: I give this game a 4 out of 5 personally. Why? As cool as it is to dress up not only the girl but the boy too, he didn't have as much to choose from as the girl did. Then again, when does a guy ever have a large wardrobe? Please comment, we would like to hear your feedback, and again, thanks for playing!


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Once Upon a Romance


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