Once Upon a Runner

Once Upon a Runner


Enter the wonderful and dangerous world of Once Upon a Runner. In this fast-paced runner, you'll challenge six different fairy-tale themed levels where you'll have to avoid obstacles and defeat evil bosses. Each level is based on well-known fairy tales like the Little Mermaid, Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood. We decided to go with a fairy tale theme because we personally loved the stories and really wanted to bring the characters to life in our own retelling. Once Upon a Runner is part of a series of games that takes place in the mysterious SaltyPepper where portals exist to different dimensions and heroes and enemies can cross into other worlds.

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Game Title: Once Upon A Runner      Reviewer: Mikayla R.


What's better than being a mage? Running through fairytales as a fire mage and battling classic evil villains, that's what!


Gameplay: The gameplay is generally simplistic, as expected in this type of running game. Like Temple Run, you use your controls to keep fire mage Ella safe from low hanging branches, birds, pits, and large stones. It differs, though, as it also has a health meter (thank goodness!), gems to pick up on the way, and an attack spell where you fling fire balls at enemies. It also has two modes for variety: "story" and "endless." I highly reccomend playing on story mode because the story itself is not only a hilarious, fun, exciting adventure, but the art and design of the comic book pages bridging the levels are far too fantastic to miss out on.


But more on that later! The shop options are also great and not a super horrendous attempt to garner your real-life cash for fake game cash; unless you want to do that, then by all means. But the gems places throughout the level designs provide enough to sustain your upgrade needs, which are all fantastic options. Want Ella to have a new colored dress? BAM. You've got it. Want to have extra hearts so your life doesn't run out so fast? BAM. Done. Take that variety, combine it with the amazing level design and story, and this game is an absolute winner.  


Art/Music: Like I mentioned earlier, the art in this game is absolutely FANTASTIC. It has style, it has grace, it has a super fast pace. Everything from the unique expressions to the interesting character design draws you in immediately and gives you a sense of who this fire mage character really is. Seriously, in the beginning comic intro, her hair turns into fire when she yawns. How out-of-the-box and perfect is that? I want fire hair!


And don't even get me started on the animation. The running animation, the jumping animation, the sliding one--all of them are on point, with hair flowing, skirts jostling, and legs moving in real time. It's so exciting to experience such great animation, set to a soundtrack of epic and charming music perfectly matching the atmosphere of the game, and to join Ella on this fantastic adventure through classic storybooks!  


This game won my imagination and heart with its excellence and pure jolly adventuring fun! This is a great 5 out of 5 stars game. As always, remember to let us know what you think below. Do you agree? Disagree? Voice your opinion in the comments! 


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Game Developer: SaltyPepper
Game Publisher: SaltyPepper

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