One and One Story

One and One Story


Uncover a beautiful love story through a challenging puzzle-platformer game. Both the game mechanics and degree of level-difficulty evolve as you proceed through the "story."


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: One and One Story


One and One Story is a puzzle-platformer game which tickles the player's imagination, creativity, and logic. The game is pretty unique; it is presented as if the character is narrating his love story to the player. 


Graphics wise, the game has this simple yet really cool vibe. Each element of the game is made and rendered in a way that the artwork is cohesive. What I love most about the game's graphic design is there are no unnecessary items or elements on the screen. The focus is really on the characters and on the obstacles.



As for the gameplay, I find it totally cool. Some players may not dig how the game mechanics evolve and change depending on story/level, but I love it. I like how it challenges me to concentrate and keep in mind the new rule, ie. the new game associated for that particular level. 


I give this game 4 out of 5. It's good enough and it really is a challenging kind of fun. If you got the patience to really go through the more difficult levels, I think you'll disagree with my score and will rate it a perfect 5!


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