Papa's Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria


From the line of Papa's series of games, here comes another thrilling, exciting, and totally YUMMY game! Papa's Freezeria brings you to the world of sundae mix-ins and other sweet treats. Create the best out of the customers orders and gain enough tips to upgrade your freezeria!


Reviewer: Cherie G.       Title: Papa's Freezeria


Another extension of the Papa's Cooking games series,  Papa's Freezeria challenges users to make brain-freezing desserts as quickly as possible.  The game is so deliciously inviting that you will definitely want to play it. 


In Papa's Fresseria, you job is to meet the day's demand for frozen desserts.   Each customer has as specific desert request and you need to take note of the different ingredients required to create each dessert. Once you serve up their dessert, they will rate it. The more satisfied the customer, the more tips you'll get.


Some customers are more picky then others and, generally, speaking the more picky the customer the more challenging the order; and the higher the tip potential if you are able to to get the order done correctly and quickly.  You need to manage your time well since some customers are rather impatient and this also affects their satisfaction of your service (and the amount of tip you receive).


If you are familiar with the Papa's Cooking Series or really any restaurant/cooking time management game, you will pick up this game pretty quickly; as the game mechanics are similiar.  Also, as you likely guessed, as you progress through to the higher levels - the time management difficulty increases substantially. 



I give this game 4 out of 5.  The core game mechanic is a little tired and has been used widely.  Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the game and  found myself eager to improve in each new round.   Hint: if you can develop a "system" or sequential rhythm to how you quickly create deserts you will likely earn more points.  


Try out this version of the Papa's Cooking and share your experience with the community below.


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