Pearl's Peril

Pearl's Peril


Help Pearl uncover the truth behind her father's death in this hidden object -- whodunit!


Reviewer: Cherie G.       Title: Pearl's Peril


Here's a game of adventure, mystery, drama, and brains all rolled into one. Pearl's Peril is a hidden object game with a great storyline and drama behind it all.


The game starts with Pearl receiving devastating news that her father has passed away. She is summoned to return home to mourn her father's death. Upon her return home, Pearl starts to stumble on clues to suggest father's death may not have been accident. 


Your goal is to help Pearl figure out the missing pieces of the mystery behind her father's death. You can either find these "clues" at the end of each level or after you've completely searched the level environment by playing the level three to five times.



What I love about this game is how appropriate and well balanced the difficulty per level seems to be. Unlike many hidden object games where the objects are too hard to find (even at first level!); the first few levels of Pearl's Peril are reasonable -- items you need to find are large enough to be recognized. And it scales nicely in difficulty from there.


I also like the fact that the game has a narrative arch with clear objectives along the way; and how I needed to find certain hidden objects to unlock clues to the particular crime at hand. Although there are no shortage of hidden object games -- Pearl's Peril still works as a fun brain-teaser. I also enjoyed the whodunit aspect of the game -- it kept me guessing as to who was to blame for the crime.


If you like hidden object -- whodunits -- give Pearl's Peril a go! 


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