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Pet Party


Pet Party is a pet simulation game with social components that offers hundreds of things to do. As you might suspect like most Pet games your primary task to take care of your pet. You can customize your pet. Your pet has a home in which you design and decorate. You also can utilize areas around the home like the garden from which you can grow crops and make money. There is also a “main street” area where you can purchase clothes, furniture and many other accessories for your critter. Create your pet, its house and start having some pet fun!

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Reviewer:  Emily B.

I am a sucker for pet simulation games.  I could simply leave it at that, but I suppose I should elaborate.  I have played other games very similar to Pet Party, but I find the others a little unwieldy and entirely too complicated for their own good.  In this caretaking-gone-social game, the user interface is simple and the game play is straightforward and addicting.

Typically, it is only Facebook games that are able to amass and sustain large audiences for games in this genre. Somehow Plinga, the publisher of Pet Party, has managed to build and sustain large audience numbers without Facebook.  And given how friendly the community is I wish even more people would give this game a try.

In Pet Party, there are tons of options when customizing your pet.  You can choose their color, their markings, the shape of different body parts and much more.  After creating my little guy, Gary, I started moving furniture about in his living room with a click-hold of the left mouse button.  There is a nifty map of his house in the top-right corner, showing you where you can go or where you can add furniture elements.  Yes, you can buy virtual premium items with real cash, but unlike many social games, you can still acquire a number of awesome virtual items for free using only in-game coins that you earn while playing.  With the ease of use and general cuteness of the game, Pet Party is hard to resist playing.

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Game Developer: Plinga
Game Publisher: Spil Games