Pie Eater

Pie Eater


Pie Eater is a fascinating and challenging brain teaser game. In 36 engaging levels, you solve logic puzzle with gradually increasing difficulty. You won’t be able to stop until you finish all of them. Your mission is to deliver the pie to the dog by moving it to the the dog’s position. Moreover, assemble the pie from all its 3 pieces before you feed it to the dog to earn maximum score of the level. Make sure the path to the dog is clear and free from any wood pieces by moving them away according to your needs. Play Pie Eater now for free and enjoy finishing all its amazing levels.

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Pie Eater


Game: Pie Eater     Reviewer: Sam B.

Don't be fooled by this game's cute charm. It is a hard puzzle game and one that stumped me pretty often. Every time I managed to get through a level, I came to one that was a lot harder than the last until I had to give up when breakable plates were introduced. That being said, I can't find much regarding this game to complain about. While it is hard, it presents a challenge for those who enjoy it and while I got frustrated it was more at myself for not being able to find a solution rather than the game for being wonky.

Even though I got stumped early on and even though I may never complete it, I still enjoyed this game. If you want a good brain teaser, play Pie Eater.


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