Pizza Making Extravaganza

Pizza Making Extravaganza


Customers order and you make'em -- Pizzas that is! Get ready - cause it's Go Time! The rush is on and you need to show your skills to pay the bills; in others you need to successfully make enough of the pizza's ordered to move to the next level. And, remember, if customer wants "mushrooms" and you give her "onions" -- she isn't going to be happy. And unhappy customers mean -- no level up for you. So get those orders correct ladies!

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Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Pizza Making Extravaganza


Do you love pizza? How about making them? Pizza Making Extravaganza gives you a close-to-the-real-life pizza making experience!


All you need to do is to make the pizza according to the ingredients/specifications on the order slip. It might seem easy at first but as you progress to further levels, it can get pretty tricky. The game starts with the pizza only needing two or three ingredients on them (aside from the sauce). Then it quickly progresses to four and even five! The tricky part is when the customer only requires half! It can really put you on edge.


You can't just simply add up ingredients - you must follow them. You are only allowed few order-screwups per game; for example, using the wrong ingredients (or put 1 whole/serving of an ingredient instead of the indicated half); once you run out of chances, the game is over.



I rate this game 3 out of 5.  IMO it would've been better if there was a timed element to the game to make it more challenging. Make no mistake it is fun As Is; and perhaps they will update it to include a Time Challenge option. 


Is my rating fair?  Agree/Disagree. Let me and the community know below. 


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