Puddle Pop

Puddle Pop


Connect or link same-colored puddings to complete your mission! Make as many combos as you can and create special puddings with special powers that can help you speed up!


Reviewer: Cherie G.       Title: Pudding Pop


Pudding Pop is one of Facebook's hottest games under the match-3 genre.


In this game, you need to link 3 or more same-colored puddings until you have reached your goal. The goal varies a bit for each new level. For example, in one level you might need to collect a number of puddings; in another you may only need to get one color from a combination of colors; in the screen grab below I needed to collect a series of special pieces, namely, six lollipops.



The game is easier than many match-3 games.  You don't need to do the rapid switching of pieces around, you just need to collect them. As long as they are connected to each other horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you can immediately make a power combination. Plus, if you make combos, you earn special power-ups like boosters, that can help you clear a row or column more easily in more difficult levels.


The mood of this game is light and easy.  How serious can puddings be anyway!? Yes, another match 3 game -- but still fun.


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