Safari Time

Safari Time


Help this adventurous zebra on her journey to the great safari. Pave a better path and driveway for her. Use inclined planes (or break them) and even protect her from predators!


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Safari Time


Safari Time is a challenging yet totally fun and wacky game about a safari adventure with an adventure-loving zebra and her cool truck!


Your task in the game is to remove any obstruction that blocks the zebra's way. All you need to do is figure out how to remove or destroy them! There are different kinds of obstacles within the game. It could be as simple as a wooden box (which you can simply click to destroy it). But there are also machineries, trucks, and even a ranger or hunter. You need to find a way to somehow get them out of the way; you need to work with levers, weights, woods and sticks and all other kinds of stuff.



I love the game because it is definitely fun to play and the game character (the zebra) looks so cool. It is not often that character artwork brings out a gutty laugh but this Zebra art and animation made me do just that! Other graphics including background and foreground elements are crisp and vibrant. Gameplay takes the form of a series of wacky puzzles. Be prepared -- there are no shortage of "gotchas" within the game levels; seemly easy puzzles turn into traps or require a non-obvious, nuanced and sometimes bizzare solutions. 


I give this game 4 out of 5. Try it and I'm sure you'll have a great time, too! Don't forget to share the fun with community below. We'd love to hear what you think about the game (and all of the other games we have here, too)!


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