Salazar the Alchemist

Salazar the Alchemist


This wise wizard is trying to create a powerful new artifact but he could really use your help.

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Salazar the Alchemist


Game Title: Salazar the Alchemist      Reviewer: Mikayla R.


Mom won't let you play with fire? Don't worry, Salazar will let you play with wicked elements.


Gameplay: For a simple Match 3 styled game, the twist this game put on its gameplay is pretty innovative and fantastic. This game excells at taking things done time and time again, and giving them fresh, new life with greater motivation. Another Match 3 game? Eeeehhh... A Match 3 game where you're brewing new elements? Sign me up! You have to help Salazar, a great (possibly crazy?) alchemist brew up new elements by matching together ingredients. Luckily, the match mechanic isn't strict, either. As long as three or more ingredients are lined up together, you can match them together, whether they're diagonal, straight, sideways, or one of them is off-set, there's a way to slap them all together. This game mechanics really brought a smile to my face, since it's the main reason I struggle to enjoy Match 3 games. With that taken care of, I was in love! 


If there was any downside to this game, and you really have to think about this to even spot one, it would be the game over sequence. Once no available matches on the board exist, the game sends you to an immediate game over. I wish this wasn't the case, as you can buy power ups with in-game coins that help you sort out your board better, but then you're never given the chance to use them to bail your board out of trouble. This is an issue I found slightly saddening, but still didn't ruin the game for me. It only made me roll up my sleeves and set back to another round, ready to beat how many elements I created last time!    


Art/Music: The art is fairly simple, considering it is a Match 3, but it's also bright, clean, and well done. So, I'd give it a B, for just not being more memorable, I suppose. The music, on the other hand, really steps things up. Atmosphere is this game's strong suit, and in large part because of the music's deep charm, setting the mood for you to brew up new element upon element. 


Overall, I'd have to give this game a stunning 4.5 out of 5. It may actually deserve more, but thinking about that unforgiving game over sequence made my heart frown. Let us know what you think in the comments below! We love to hear from you.     


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