Sami's Tea Restaurant

Sami's Tea Restaurant


Help Sami and her friend be the best tea house in town. Serve customers with their orders to make them happy. Refill stocks and clean up the mess in the restaurant to keep customers coming in.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Sami's Tea Restaurant


Be the best tea restaurant in town with Sami's Tea Restaurant game. This is a time manangement, food serving game that lets you run Sami's tea house.


Sami and her friend are ready to serve great tasting teas to their customers. Your task is to designate a table for each walk-in customer, give them the menu, serve their orders, refill teas, and clean the tables afterwards. Your excellent service will be rewarded with tips from satisfied customers.



I love this game because it doesn't place you under too much pressure right from the start.  Yes, you still need to attend to taking care of business but the difficulty leveling seems well balance and only increases and you get more accomplished at serving the different teas.  I also like how Sami has an assistant (which is her friend) who can do the other tasks while she's busy serving customers with their orders. The friend is fun and reassuring when the tea house gets packed with customers.


This game is best for those who really have a knack for time management and food serving games. This will probably bring in the competitive side of you as you try to accomplish one mission after the other; that's what happened to me.


Here's a quick walkthrough of how a single level in the game goes. You can also click this link to view the video.


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