Sara's Super Spa

Sara's Super Spa


Help Sara recover from a painful financial loss in her super spa. Reclaim her spa glory and earn the trust of her customers by providing an excellent service. Earn more and upgrade decorations and equipment in the spa.


Reviewer: Cherie G.       Title: Sara's Super Spa


Sara's Super Spa is a game with a compelling backstory. Sara has had her spa for quite a while but business is not doing well. It has not been managed properly and her staff is all over the place. Her customers have become turned-off by the lack service and stopped coming. Sara wants to reclaim her business glory days and she wants you to help! But this is a no-joke task because she needs as much help from you as possible to regain the trust of old customers; as well as find new patrons.


The goal of the game is to reach the daily income goal shown on the screen for each level. This goal means that you should at least serve ALL customers and have them pay for the services. If customer's are not served in a timely way they will walk out the door and this means loss of income and less likely to reach daily goal.


Your tasks are comparable to those in a real spa. You attend to the customer's needs: hair, nails, facial, and skin tanning. Each customer will likely need more than one service done; all of which are timed. For example, a customer walks in and wants her hair washed. You will need to 1) rinse hair, 2) place shampoo, 3) spread and lather, and 4) rinse shampoo off her hair. You need to do all these steps properly and precisely before the alloted time runs out. One wrong move and you'll run out of time. If you do not get the task done in time, the customer will be unsatisfied and if so, they will leave the spa without paying.  Who knew the stakes were so high at the Spa!?  Well, for the owner, Sara -- they are.


After the shampoo, be preparred for the additional services that your customers may ask for; some of these include: haircut, hair color, body hair removal, manicure, skin tanning.  Sometimes they will even buy some beauty products from the shelf.


This is a challenging time-management game. While you're doing one service for one customer, another one will come in and these Spa customers are not really known for their patience. Remember, if their patiences runs out, they leave the spa. and you lose income.



I love the multi-featured aspect of this game. It's never monotonous and it's not just about hair or nails alone. It is really a full fledged beauty spa that can do just about anything. That said, there are three things that I find annoying about the game.  For one, each activity is timed and there often is not enough time to realistically do some of those tasks. Imagine being in early levels (1 or 2) and you see yourself start to lose money and customers already! That can be a bit disheartening and discouraging, especially for those new to the game. Second, it is very difficult to control some of the actions in the game. I needed to choose the 'Easy' level even though I am excellent at manipulating the computer "mouse."  This isn't first game people! :-)  And all that click-then-drag and drag-to-this-direction kind of control can get a bit tedious, time consuming, and frankly, unnecessarily stressful.  Lastly, you can only attend to one customer. You can't multi-task unless you can start hiring people to do other tasks for you. But this too takes more time than you think.   I think if the gamer was given more control of the difficulty and complexity of some of these tasks, especially early on, it would make it easier for her to get into the game.  


Overall, I did find the game entertaining and did appreciate the depth and diversity of all that one can do within it. To go from Good to Great though I still think there is some tweaking in Sara's Super Spa that is required. Play it and let us know if you agree or disagree with me.


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