Shining Star

Shining Star


Be the Shining Star in the city! Work with production companies to earn money; earn money to buy clothes; and buy clothes to look fab and compete with other shining stars. It's your time to outshine the others!


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Shining Star


Be a star and shine in your own little way with Facebook's amazing dress-up game called Shining Star. This game can be played by both males and females - so guys, take it easy. You can shine in this game, too.


The game starts with you choosing a gender for your avatar. Whichever gender you choose you still work your way through the game in similar manner. Then, you get your first set of basic clothes. 


At first, you can't (don't want to) go around and show off your threads because what you will have is very basic outfit; and it will look lame compared to those who have played this game longer. So you need to get a job to earn money. Once you have worked a job or two and have saved enough money, you can  upgrade your own wardrobe.  You got into the city where all the fab clothes and make-up are being sold.



But that's not all! To be a real shining star, you need to compete with the other stars in the Top 100 charts. You will have to battle and compete from the lowest until you'll reach the top rank.


This game is more than your ordinary dress-up game. One thing I really love about this game is that it is not one-dimensional.  You have different jobs that you can work on - like being an assistant in a TV production. Give it a whirl.



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