Smoothie Swipe

Smoothie Swipe


Here's a fun, tasty, and healthy match 3 game that you'll love to play! Let the fruity fun begin!


Reviewer: Cherie G.       Title: Smoothie Swipe


Here's a fun, tasty, and healthy match 3 game that you'll love to play! Smoothie Swipe is a match 3 game, that has plenty of eye and ear "candy" ie. looks and sounds great.


For those of you who has not played a match 3 game previously; the object of this game is to swipe and link at least three of the same fruit combinations together.  Do so both clears these fruits from the grid and awards you points.  Ideally, you try to link more than 3 of the same fruit items, ie. try to get 4,5,6, etc. if you can.  Linking multiple fruit combo's together unlocks bonus points and other special fruits.


The game is goal-oriented and each level presents a different goal. The overall objective is to collect many different fruit combos, when you have enough you succeed in building a tasty smoothie. There are also specific scoring goals to achieve in some of the levels. For example, the image below indicates the goal is to collect 5 lemons and score at least 20,000 points.



Although there's nothing 'new' about this Match 3 game mechanic the developers take on it is fruitful (sorry, can't help myself from the bad puns). The restrictions in the number of moves allowed really does up the ante. Don't let that scare you though -- it just makes the challenge more exciting.


Play and discuss with us below.


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