Social Life

Social Life


Pump-up your Social Life by making new friends, designing your dream home, wearing fabulous clothes, etc. Visit your virtual friends in their virtual dream homes. Improve your "charm" by making sure your hygiene, hunger, and fun stats remain high.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Social Life


Go from "zero" to "hero" in this social-simulation game!  


Social Life is a game where you can live out your virtual fantasies.  No more "boring" or "snoring."  


You start off with the basics - clothes, food and even your house furnishings. Your starter tasks include feeding yourself when you get hungry, buying new and stylish clothes, resting when you feel tired, entertaining yourself when you're bored, and cleaning or washing yourself when you start to stink.  Yes, really.


To simplify, you need to keep these four (4) stats up: hunger, hygeine, fun, and social. For 'hunger', you simply need to feed yourself. You can either cook or get whatever snack food you may have in your fridge. For 'hygeine', you need to take a shower, wash your hands and face, and regularly go to the bathroom. For 'fun', you can buy and use appliances like television and radio.  You can dance to new songs.  For 'social', you need to visit your friends in their "homes" and interact with them. You can also call them over to your "home" and throw a big party.



The game's theme is similar to The Sims. The good thing about this game, though, (in comparison to The Sims) is this game is easier to navigate and use. Customization and personalization in this game is easier, too.


There is quite a bit to do in this game; more than I have covered here.  Particularly as it relates to interacting with other virtual "friends."  Just remember your main "goal" in Social Life is to be a social.


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