Space Dog +

Space Dog +


Space Dog is back with even more fun and excitement! "Shoot" this space doggy up in the air and see how far he can go. Use boosters and other tools to make him fly higher, faster, and even fly through walls!


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Space Dog +


The "+" in "Space Dog +" is indeed accurate.  Space Dog + is whole 'nother doggy' compared to earlier versions.  


Your goal in this game is simple: shoot the space dog as far as you can.  See screen grab below.   You need to outdo no one but yourself. The further you go, the higher your score. First round scores are aggregated and as soon as you reach the threshold score for that level -- you level up.  With each level up -- you earn more coins and stars.


Coins and Stars are the in-game currency.  You want to collect as many as you can and use wisely; especially in buying power-ups, tools and other gadgets to make your space dog fly even further.  A fun accessories to buy, including super cool helmets, that are not just fashion but function, eg. so that he can fly through walls!


The thing about this game is that you'll really play the game any second you can. You always look for that satisfaction of outdoing yourself and others. You'll truly find youself playing the game over and over again.



Although this game can get repetitive ala. another flying object game -- I still found it FUN-tastic.


You can play this game anywhere and anytime since it is available for download in your mobile phone.   


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