An interesting twist on a virtual world simulation game. Move out to the suburbs and decorate your house while completing quests to uncover a mystery in the neighborhood!


Game Title: Suburbia      Reviewer: Mikayla R.


Suburbia is Nancy Drew meets The Sims in a free facebook extravaganza I never knew I wanted!


Gameplay: As I mentioned above, Suburbia is a lot like the hit game series The Sims, minus the price. That of course means a lot of learning the ropes, basic clicking and dragging, and many RPG attributes are also included. This similar set up makes the game easy for anyone who's played The Sims, while also adding a story elements for fans of RPGs. While building your house, making friends, and just generally creating an imaginary life for yourself in good ole suburbia, you're also on the hunt for answers to a winding mystery--where did famous rock star Kurt dissappear to? Or, did he dissappear at all? The clues become an important part of the game play as you move up through the levels. 


Also within the game play is the ability to craft items--a departure from the Sims formula the game generally uses, so points for originality and variety. It is simple, though, and doesn't need much explanation as the game's tutorial menu provides all the information you'll need. Amidst all this great style, capability, and variety though, it's good to bring up a couple downsides: 1) lagging and 2) ads. Of course, with any free game, there's going to be ad problems. This comes in form of actual ads, or asking you to advertise--AKA "share" the game on your profile page--or hunting for microtransactions. People, DO NOT PAY MONEY FOR GEMS. Just be patient and your energy will recover, and you can continue playing. It is never worth it to spend real money for fake money. Just a warning, but an important one.


Oh, and depending on your internet connection, the game may lag. This can disrupt the immersive atmosphere, but it's not a deal breaker.


Art/Music: The background sound effects are gorgeous. I wish I could just put this game on in the background and listen to the peaceful sounds of a neighborhood as it lulls be to sleep with birds tweeting, wind rustling, distant dogs playing. It's enought to make me pick up and move straight into the game's neighborhood. Alas, this isn't really possible, but the more-than-a-little obnoxious sound effects that play while completeing main tasks ease the pain of seperation. If you thought mowing the lawn was a loud chore in real life, just wait until the in-game mower grinds on your ears until all you can hear is static. Still, this is a minor inconveniance considering, and the gentle background atmosphere quickly heals the injury to your ears.    


Art-wise, this still isn't a major departure from the Sims. Imagine taking the Sims world and coating it in a more colorful story-book paint, adding a little sprinkle of cartoon, and letting it dry until the animation grows stiffer. That's basically the look and feel or Suburbia, but it definitely has beautiful graphics for a free game, so no knocking it.    


Overall, this game is near-genius with 4.5 out of 5 stars! Let us know if you agree in the comments below.



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