Build your own city and expand your territory! Build houses and business establishments and earn from them.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: SuperCity


Get hold of your own metropolis in SuperCity. This new Facebook game will definitely bring out the leader and visionary in you.


You get to act as a mayor leading your own virtual city - you can name it any way you want. You start with a limited population capacity. The size of your population is function of how many and what kind of houses you build. To increase your population, you need to balance the number of government buildings and business establishments.  


For example, with the first few levels, you only have a population of around 20 people so you can only build simple and smaller homes with a maximum population of 10.  If you wish to grow your city then you need to build another government building (aside from the city hall) and also build business establishments like the club or tennis court; only then will you be permitted to build bigger homes and increase your cities population.


You cannot just start build buildings and businesses right away, however, you first need to earn money and in this game the currency is the "coin."  



As the government authority, you collect ("earn") coins through the applying taxes on the homes and different businesses within your city. The collection schedule of payment on the houses and buildings vary and you will want to keep track of this so you can properly manage the timing of your spending.  Some examples, you collect 10 coins for your small homes (a.k.a. cottage) in 2 minutes interval while you collect 550 coins from a stationary shop in 3 hours.


The game is super fun to play and the design and animations are very sharp --  very uber-realistic. It does suck that it takes so long to collect Coins and to build stuff, but this is clearly the game-makers conceit; ie. a way to encourage gamers to spend real money so as not to have to wait. Given that building great games takes a lot of time and talent it is understood that these types of games have some monetization mechanic -- and in this one the mechanic is clearly to motivate users to spend real money in order to build their SuperCity faster. 


Whether or not you wish to spend real money in this game I encourage you to check it out!  I give this game a thumbs up!


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