Symphony in Bee

Symphony in Bee


Help Bee collect musical flowers to complete all the notes in his symphony. Be careful for poisonous flowers because they make you lose the number of flowers you collected.


Reviewer: Cherie G.       Title: Symphony in Bee


Symphony in Bee is totally fun and exciting! This game requires you to help out Bee complete her symphony by collecting musical flowers.


The goal of the game is to collect the required number of flowers in just one minute. You think that's too easy? Think again!


There are more than a thousand flowers (which increase every level) that you need to collect and you're only given a minute to do so. Bee is flying at a speed from fast to insanely fast! You can't actually control her speed and that's what makes it challenging. The flowers are also placed in different patterned positions and you need to fly up, down, or right at the center. With a super fast flying speed, that won't really be easy.



But the most challenging part of the game is to avoid that "poisonous" flower as much as possible. See that white flowr with a huge 'X'? That's what you should avoid because if you 'collect' it, it will not only deduct the number of flowers you collected - it will RESET it and it's like starting over again! With time running, you can't really afford that. Plus, this white flower that you want to avoid at all costs -- is pretty tricky since - unlike the flowers you need to collect which just stays in place - the one white one moves up and down with you. 


I rate this game 4 out of 5. It's a pretty quick game, actually, especially if you get to bump into the forbidden flower. However, I think it is one of those quick games which you might see yourself playing again and again and hope for a better result the next time around. Enjoy.


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