Teacher Back to School

Teacher Back to School


If students are all excited to get back to school, teachers are, too! Especially if they have an array of clothing to choose from and flaunt their sense of style. Teacher Back to School gives a bit of twist to the world of dress-up games.


Reviewer: Cherie G.         Title: Teacher Back to School


Give your teacher a refreshing new look to make her look more interesting (and less boring) in front of the class. Mix and match some clothes and change her hairstyle and other accessories. You can also give her props to show which subject the teacher is teaching. At the end of the game, you can 'show' the outcome of the makeover and try a whole new look. It's that simple!



One ding on the game is that there are only a few choices especially on the clothes and shoes. When someone wants to play a dress-up game, more options are generally better as it makes it more challenging for the player to mix and match the types of clothes; and thus, more fun.


Clothes in this game are also a bit too revealing for my taste. It's not that teachers are not allowed to be their normal attractive selves.  But some of these dress up combos feel to me like they are - 'flaunting it' -- as it were.  You decide

Watch the quick walkthrough of the game below or click this link to view:


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