Tessa Summer Holiday Home

Tessa Summer Holiday Home


Help decorate the different rooms in Tessa's summer home. Arrange food, furniture, and other elements to make it nice for Tessa's visitors.


Review: Cherie G.        Title: Tessa Summer Holiday Home


Bring out your inner interior designer with this engaging home makeover and decoration game. With Tessa Summer Holiday Home you decorate different rooms inside Tessa's summer home.


There are a total of four different rooms you can design: the garden, balcony, spa, and swimming pool. You add furnitures like chairs, benches, and side tables. You can also place food items and other decorations such as flower vases. To complete the scene you add Tessa and her friends within the environment (room). You choose the different positions they take: sitting, splashing their feet, reclining in a chair, taking a dip the spa or swimming in the pool!



One of the coolest things I love about this game is that you can change the colors of just about anything you put in the room. You make a table pink, for example, and if you think it doesn't match with the rest of the items in the room, you can simply use the slider to change its color. The game succeeded in getting some of my creative juices flowing. Often I found myself going the minimalistic route and just making simple colors changes like with the table described above.


Here's a walkthrough of the game. You can also click this link to watch the video.


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