The Company of Myself

The Company of Myself


This puzzle side-scrolling game has you in control of a stick figure and his shadows. The goal is to make it to the green square on the opposite side using critical thinking and puzzle-solving strategies.


Reviewer:  Emily B.

I usually shy away from games that involve keyboard controls, but I was drawn to this game by other great reviews I had seen of it on Kongregate’s website.  I started playing the first level, learning the movements of left, right, jump, and began to wonder if there was anything more to it.  You start with your little guy on the left side of the screen and make him run to the right side of the screen.  The level is completed successfully when you reach a little green box.  The graphics are simple, and the idea seemed a little too easy.  I was enjoying the tutorial, though, which manifested itself through the thoughts of the man I was controlling.  He would wonder about the possible things he could do on the map, nudging my brain to carry out the actions for him.  Yes, it seemed a little too simple.  Then, I started level two.

I moved to the end of the screen and realized the green box was on a platform the guy couldn’t reach—it was too tall for jumping.  I stood there for a moment as he wondered what would happen if I pushed the spacebar.  I tapped it and saw as he was transferred back to the beginning.  I waited and watched, and after a few moments of being very unsure about my decision, I saw that he re-animated all of the places I had sent him before.  Then, I noticed that this guy looked a little different.  He was gray; not black, resembling a shadow.  The little black figure I had been controlling before was still standing at the start spot while the shadow was reenacting my hysterical jumping fit from earlier, trying to reach the green box.  I wandered over to him and jumped.  I landed on top of him, and with the aid of this shadow, was now able to reach the green box with an extra jump.  I now understood the brilliance of this game.

Suffice it to say I was sucked into level after level of increasing difficulty after that.  The trick of this game is to figure out how to pass the level before making a single move; however, the longer you wait, the longer your shadow will wait after you hit the spacebar.  Some levels require multiple shadows to help you maneuver different areas, and timing becomes a vital factor.  A simple, well executed idea, that really works.  Just mesmerizing.


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Game Developer: Eli Piilonen
Game Publisher: Kongregate

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