The Household

The Household


Build your own household literally from scratch! Remove and cut grasses, trees, and other debris or stones so you can freely use your land. Grow plants and animals and sell them and earn yourself a living.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: The Household


The Household is an exciting Facebook game with a classic theme of building your own town by making use of what you have around you. It brings out your inner innovator and allows you to customize a simple piece of land until it grows into a town full of households.


You start with customizing your character. You can choose the gender of your avatar, how its face will look like, and even the clothes it wears.


Then, the game starts with you in the middle of the woods. In the beginning, a tutorial explains the basic things you need to do. For example, you need to ax down trees to gather wood or cut the grass to collect things like: stones and twigs.  Collectively, you gather these materials to build a shelter. Doing these activities (ie. cutting trees and grass, removing stones, etc.) has the additional benefit of clearly the space to make more room for you to expand your farm.


Speaking of farm, you also need to plant trees, grow crops, and raise animals to provide for your food. You can also trade (sell) these products for coins. You will need the coins to buy seeds for your crops or to buy other farm animals.


Your principal long-term goal is to create a large homestead. You accomplish this by doing a series of shorter-to-mid-length missions some of which include activities such as: building a shack, breeding animals and harvesting crops.



Although the game has garnered quite a few negative reviews particularly on the frequent need to enlist your Facebook friends to accomplish a number of these missions.  Although I sympathesize with these critiques, I nonetheless, found the game fun to play. There's always an exciting twist about how you manage your materials, how you explore land, and, in general, how you build and make something bigger and better.


Those who enjoy "building/farming/social" games -- should enjoy this one.


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