Trace Effects

Trace Effects


Here's a great educational game for those who are studying English as their second language. Learn how to speak and interact in English with Trace Effects!


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Trace Effects


Trace Effects is a perfect game for those who don't use English as their primary speaking language. This game is a fun and creative way of learning to converse in proper English especially if it is just your second language.


You, the player, take the role of Trace - a boy from the future who accidentally transported himself to the present with the use of a time machine. You need to navigate trace around the present and look for the people who can help him go back to the future where he belongs.


The game involves conversations and interaction with different people in the campus. You need to choose the proper response or reaction to each character you meet and to every action needed to complete a task. 


The game is rendered in 3D graphics. Although it is not that amazingly rendered and not that crisp, but the many elements and factors of the game design worked well for this game. Plus, it comes with voice-overs which can totally help in teaching proper conversations in English.


I give this game 4 out of 5. You can try out Trace Effects and tell us more about your gaming experience on the community below. 


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