Up In The Sky

Up In The Sky


What could a bird do if he falls in love with another bird from another planet? Shoot him up in the sky and let him fly as high as he can. Reach your goal and make this little bird happy!


Reviewer: Cherie G.        Title: Up In The Sky


Are you in for a challenge? Do you love to aim higher? If so, you'll absolutely enjoy this game of altitude and gravity!


Up In The Sky is one of those games that challenges you to beat your best high altitude outcome until you reach the final stop. The backstory for this game is funny. This fat yellow bird has been looking up at the skies longing for an attractive yellow bird in another planet. He gets upon this idea of reaching her by bouncing himself up from a lamppost wire.


So here's the challenging part! The bird only has a certain amount of energy before he falls back down to the ground. Gravity is also not on your side and it doesn't help that the bird is quite heavy, so his upwards 'flying' attempts require huge effort and immense amount of control. Plus, there are other flying giant birds in the air that you must avoid! 


Along the way, you can collect stars and earn combos -- these will help you fly faster. You can also collect energy power-ups to increase the amount of energy you start with at the beginning of a level. Remember this is the energy that you need to fly higher.


You don't need to worry, though, when you don't reach the other birdie from another planet. You never will with just one go, anyway. You will continuously need to refine your efforts and collect power-ups to go higher. The stars you collected along the way will earn you coins. Combos will earn you more. Plus, the higher you fly, the more coins you'll earn at the end of the level.


So what's the use of the coins, you may ask? These coins can be used to purchase power-ups that will aid you on your next flight. It can be something which adds force to the wire's pull so that the bird will shoot up higher and faster at the beginning of the level, or the power-up that will give you more flying energy. You can even purchase a power-up that makes the bird weigh less! The power-ups are very varied but all of them are useful for your goal.



I love how progressive this game can be. I found myself wanting to really ever higher altitudes immediately after falling back down to earth. Controlling the bird as mentioned is a bit of a challenge but it doesn't affect the game that much. The game server saves your progress so unless you delete your cookies even if you close the browser and go back to the game's site URL, you can continue from where you left off.


This is a highly challenging game and I haven't reached half of where I want to go. But I am not discouraged. On the contrary, I enjoy going higher each time.


Here's a short walkthrough of one level of the game that I went through. It's pretty rough since I was still in the early levels of the game and only had a few power-ups. But it will give you a sense of how the game plays. Enjoy! You can also click this link to watch it on another tab.


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