Village Life

Village Life


Explore an undiscovered land and build and entire village in the game -- Village Life. A Facebook game - Village Life -allows you to grow a community of new villagers a.k.a. your FB friends ;-)


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Village Life


Build a village and explore undiscovered lands in this adventurous Facebook game. Village Life brings you to a flood-stricken land where you must marshall limited resources to build your community. You need to explore other parts of the game's map to discover what you will need to succeed.


You will need to identify and gather resources to build a home, fire, food and water. Your happiness will depend on how will you gather and manage your supplies. Further in the game, you will have to complete some missions or quests to gain yet more "happiness."  Your choices in this game are important.  As you explore for resources you use and lose energy. If you tap-out, you will need to rest until your energy is restored.    



Personally, I didn't like how easily my energy ran out or how long it took to replenish.  It is real killjoy when it happens and throws a wrench into your play momentum.


I did like the multi-avatar action.  You don't just have or control one character or villager; you have two or more; all of whom can potentially help you with the task at hand. Each character under direction has her own energy and strengths.  This villager-croud-sourcing "mob" effect is really cool when the task is a big one, eg. build a bigger house or a storage room.


I give this game 4 out of 5.


Why don't you give Village Life a go and let us all know your thoughts below.


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