Water Mania

Water Mania


Be the brave fireman and put out the fire. It can be anywhere! Inside or outside the house, on furniture, even in vehicles.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Water Mania


Be a fearless and invincible firefighter in this adrenaline-rushing puzzle flash game. Water Mania puts you in the shoes of a super fireman who runs to the rescue in any kind of fire around town.


Your goal in this game is to put out the fire as fast as you can. The first few levels may be too easy, but wait until you reach futher. There will be hard-to-reach areas that you need to squirt water on. You also need to think of a way to direct or divert the water flow towards a certain part of the house or building. Some movable objects are available to help you on accomplish this.



There are also two factors in this game that might make you want to do things faster, better, and harder. The game is a TIMED game; the faster you put out the fire, the bigger is your score. You also have a "water meter" on the side. Meaning, you can't be sloppy about how you squirt your water. You need to conserve the water as much as possible. Saving more water will also earn you more stars, ie. use only what you need.


I give this game 4 out of 5. It's totally enjoyable and totally amazing game. There are a lot of factors you need to consider in order to excel in the game and that makes the challenge all the more worthwhile.


I strongly suggest that you play this game! You will not regret it.


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