WeTopia is a building simulation game where you complete various goals while you build your ideal city. It is considered a “cause” game because you earn Joy Points that you may spend to help people in need in the real world.


There are many reasons why I can’t get enough of WeTopia.  It’s a building simulation that is really well-crafted with fun graphics and unique buildings, but it’s also a platform to help people around the world.  The game also has a lot of supporters, such as Ellen DeGeneres and JCPennys, too, which allows it to reach far and beyond its usual means.

The main part of the WeTopia is setup like most building simulations you have played before.  You are given a set of goals, and you build a city with residential and commercial areas in the hopes of making more money.  There are many different building styles from which to choose, and you can have a lot of fun making the city just as you’d like it.  The game requires the use of energy, but because it’s free, I can’t really complain about that aspect.  As you level up (from collecting income), you gain access to more interesting projects, goals, and buildings.  The graphics are fun and cute, and the gameplay is very intuitive and easy to understand.

When I first started playing WeTopia, I knew it was a cause game, but I wasn’t completely sold on how it worked.  I placed a few houses and stores, collected my income, and completed the usual quests that these types of games offer.  After I learned the basics, the tutorial introduced me to the “Joy System” that it uses to help out those in need.  I purchased my first building that generated Joy Points—it was a little play park for my residential area to use, and after ten minutes, it was ready for me to collect its rewards.  I created a few more buildings that offered Joy Points when they were clicked on, and I soon had one hundred points to spend. 

There is a regular market where you can purchase items with you income, but in the top-right part of the screen, you can click to “Give Joy” around the world.  It gives you multiple options of where you can spend your points, and I chose to send my portion to Haiti Healthy Hopes, which provides medical treatment to kids in need.  That’s all I had to do!  I earned Joy by playing a game I would have enjoyed regardless, and I helped out some people who really needed it.


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Game Developer: SoJo Studios
Game Publisher: Games for Change

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