Welcome to Williamspurrrrg, a multitouch, iPad puzzle game where you're challenged to put mustaches, fedoras, and other hipster gear onto cats. The game is largely set on images of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the heart of hipster culture in New York City. It's challenging to play alone, but the finger-twisting puzzles are a lot more fun with friends!

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As the creator of Williamspurrrrg, I set out to make a game that you could play by yourself but that would be more fun to play together. It's full of finger-twisting puzzles. You can be a ninja and do them yourself or grab a friend and have a great time together! 


Where did the name come from? Williamsburg is a neighborhood in Brooklyn that is home to many hipsters. Hipsters are known for crazy mustaches, fedoras, and a generally great fashion sense. Since the game is about cats and mustaches, Williamspurrrrg seemed the perfect punny name.   


What's my favorite level? Probably the evil mustache level, which is Level 3-6. I also love level 2-1, because the idea of cats riding the subway is too funny.  


Enjoy the game. We're always happy to hear from players, so let us know what you think!

Blue skies,
No Crusts Interactive 


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Game Developer: No Crusts Interactive
Game Publisher: No Crusts

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