"Witch" Element Is Yours

"Witch" Element Is Yours


Swipe all the magical elements to unlock the stardust. But hurry, you’ll have to be quick! If you unlock every level and answer the questions carefully, the witch will reveal your true spirit element to you!

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"Witch" Element Is Yours


Reviewer: Zara     Game: Witch Element Is Yours?


Witch Element is Yours is a fun and magical cross between a personality quiz and the popular mobile phone game Fruit Ninja.  There are lots of reasons to love this game, but my favorites are:


  • The personalized answer you get about your element
  • The fact that the game has ten levels of increasing difficulty
  • The game can be played cross device and is especially fun on mobile
  • The music and sound is amazing
  • And, last but not least, the game isn't too hard or too easy.  It's perfect!



The game tells you what your element is and, even cooler, it tells you why.  I love it when I read a personality description and think, "man, this is actually pretty accurate!"  I got fire as an element which means I'm fierce, hot, and spontaneous.  The description is longer than that (about a paragraph in length), and especially if you're interested in astrology or spirituality at all, the results can be very interesting!



The increasing difficulty doesn't make the game any less fun, which is actually pretty hard to do as a game developer.  The makers of this game pull it off seamlessly, integrating faster initial falling times with more time to catch the elements and they break off, to create an increasing difficulty that isn't impossible feeling.


This game is supported by HTML5 technology which, for those of you who aren't tech savvy, means that it can be played cross-device!  I especially loved playing this on my iPad because of the swiping nature of the game.  The fact that this game is super fun and available and relatable to everyone is majorly appealing!


Witch Element is Yours does a great job of integrating music and sound into their game.  The sound effects don't overpower the music and the music itself is actually very enjoyable and peaceful.  It didn't get repetitive, even through all ten rounds of the game.  The ensemble of the sounds urges you to play on to find out which element is actually yours!



I really think this is the perfect game for anyone!  I thoroughly enjoy playing this game over and over and changing my answers to see what the different elements mean.  It's whimsical, magical, and very interesting!  That's why Witch Element Is Yours earns my first ever 5 star rating for its simplicity, quiz-accuracy, and wow factor!



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"Witch" Element Is Yours


Game Developer: Credits listed within the game or not provided.
Game Publisher: Spil

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