In this game, players compete against their own scores in eighteen rounds of miniature golf.


Reviewer: Emily B.  Game: Wonderputt


I’m a huge fan of real life miniature golf, but when I saw this game pop up on Kong, I immediately assumed a virtual version would be less than exhilarating.  Of course I was wrong. Pleasantly wrong--which generally translates to “what a nice suprise” and a spot on my recommended game list.


In Wonderputt, the music and graphic atmosphere is whimsical and exceptional.  I could just keep the game on my screen and enjoy its melodic tone without ever making a click.



The glory of this game continues as you play.  It’s like a gigantic, interactive Rube-Goldberg machine that operates as you finish each round.  Every hole has its par, and as you finish, some fantastic mechanism flings your ball into the next part of the game.  After the first few holes, I couldn’t wait to see how the next hole was formed and what I needed to do to prevail.  At one point, my ball was holed up (pun intended) in some kind of nuclear missile that needed to be dismantled.  



Sounds pretty tedious, but the game managed to make it the most comforting thing I had done all day.  The game has an effervescent allure.  When I finished the game and received my score, I was prompted to play again with the new element of collecting rainbow pieces at each hole by hitting the ball a certain way.  I didn’t even pause.  I just played again and again … and... oh, yeah, I also really wanted to earn the 150,000 points badge! Wonderputt is one of the most relaxing and delightful games I have ever played, and I recommend it to all.



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Game Developer: Damp Gnat
Game Publisher: Kongregate

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