Young Meteorologist

Young Meteorologist


Are you smarter (and faster) than the weather? Test your disaster-preparedness knowledge in this very informative game. Kids will love to learn from this.


Reviewer: Cherie G.        Title: Young Meteorologist


Young Meteorologist is a great game about disaster awareness and disaster preparedness. The game provides a complete how-to and to-do guide for every calamity or weather condition one might experience.


Just like board games of old, you roll a dice to determine the number of moves you make across a digital game board.  Every game square provides a weather condition factoid.  Land on a warning alert or signal square -- and you better prepare for a calamity to strike.



Once you trigger a "calamity" by landing a "calamity" square -- you are presented with a series of mini-games that help prepare you for the pending disaster.  These mini-games include: hidden-objects game, Q&A, quizzes, word puzzles, and word finds. 


I give this game 5 out of 5.  Fun and educational, I enjoyed how the mini-games served the larger game objective.  And, I also learned a few real-life tips on disaster preparedness!


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