Zoey’s Design Academy

Zoey’s Design Academy


Learn how to become a great fashion designer in Zoey’s Design Academy. Create pieces of clothing and wear them on a fashion event.

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Reviewer: Cherie G.        Title: Zoey's Design Academy


Zoey’s Design Academy is a great game for those who dream of designing their own line of clothing. The game takes you inside a design academy where you’re challenged to create your own designs -- from dresses to purses. You only have to play along basic pieces of clothing, designs, and colors at the beginning of your journey. But once you progress through the game, you can unlock more complicated clothing, more intricate designs, and more glamorous colors. The clothing you’ve created could be worn by your avatar or could be presented in a fashion show. The more experience you gain, the more fashion shows you can participate in. 



I am giving this game a 4 out of 5. The progress is quite slow and the first few designs and patterns are really ugly to the point of being discouraging to make. If you really have the drive to stick with the game, however, you’ll be rewarded with greater designs. Other than that, the gameplay and the entire concept made Zoey’s Design Academy a fun fashion and clothing game for girls.


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