Zoo World 2

Zoo World 2


Have you ever thought of having your own zoo? Well this game will show you how it's like! Take care of animals, help them grow by feeding them, heal them if they're sick, and even free them or have them adopted.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Zoo World 2


Zoo World 2 brings more fun than its prequel. With this new and improved version of the game, you're given more options and tasks to do.


Just like the previous game play, you are given the task to manage and expand a zoo. You need to treat a zoo not only as a business establishment (which showcases beautiful animals) but also as a place of refuge for these animals.  Your challenge is to find a happy medium between those two, often competing, interests.


In effort to grow the zoo business you will be asked to build kiosks, stores, and shops; all of which will help you earn money. You get to sell balloons, ice creams, and even souvenirs. Improve the zoos popularity by adding more attractions, for example you can put up showrooms, museums, and fun rides. 



In additional to taking care of the business, you also need to take care of the animals. You are in charge in making sure they are healthy, well-fed, and well-bred.


I love that you can put animals up for adoption and even set them free when you think they're old enough or capable enough to live on their own.


Although fun, exciting and engaging, having to wait for animals to be born and to grow to adults is tedious. The limits on the amount of energy available is also frustrating.


Overall, the game was fun and will keep you visiting to check the status of the animals. 


I am curious as to what a real zookeeper would think of this game?  What do you think?


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