Zuma's Revenge

Zuma's Revenge


This is a strategy ball-popping game where you must fill a bar by shooting and destroying three or more balls of the same color. Once the bar is full, you must destroy the rest of the winding chain of balls before they reach the skull at the end of their path.


Reviewer: Emily B.

The only type of matching games I enjoy are ball/bubble/balloon popping games that require you to shoot one circular object into a bunch of other circular objects in order to destroy them.  You know what I mean.  Any other type bores me and feels redundant, especially since more and more grid-like matching games like Jewel Quest continue to appear.  Believe it or not, something as simple as the setup of a game can alter how enjoyable it is.  Zuma’s Revenge corresponds with this type-within-a-type game genre (shooting, matching games) I enjoy.



Zuma’s Revenge had me at its predecessor, Zuma.  It was either the smooth scrolling graphics or pumped up sound effects that first captured my love, but I fondly remember playing this game in my dorm room at night in lieu of studying or writing papers.  It has always been more than just a mindless repetitive homework deterrent game, though.  The Zuma series manages to bring more substance and dynamism to the traditional “popping” game.  Each Zuma Revenge game map offers a different river-like path on which the string of croquet-like balls follows.  As game time elapses the balls move steadily closer to the glaring skull.  You must proactively knock these ball out before they reach the skull or you lose. There is a sense of urgency created by the incremental and steady procession of the balls.  Flickering balls indicate temporary power-ups and bonus opportunities, such as, added accuracy or a reduction in the speed of the balls.  You must shoot them quickly, however, as they are only active for a short period of time.  

There are also special bonuses rewards in Zuma Revenge.  They typically appear behind the primary procession of the ball chain.  In order to reach them you must first shoot-out one of the blocking balls in the ball chain, and then quickly shoot again.  Zuma’s Revenge is straight-forward, simple to understand, and impossible to become proficient at.  I’m still trying, though, because it’s just that good.



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Game Developer: Oberon Media
Game Publisher: PopCap Games

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